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About Me

Hello! I’m Kenny! I married my college sweetheart, Cindy! We have 7 children and a dog named “Bobby” (he is Cindy’s dog and my nemesis)! We’ve had the opportunity to serve the LORD in ministry. We have served in the mid-west and the Rocky Mountains. What a joy I have had in meeting some of the greatest people in the world!!! I have learned a lot about communication and personal development. At times I have experienced victories, like a boss but often I have learned through failure. I hope to share some of my experiences and insights with you.

I am encouraged and look forward to getting to know you! Please post as you feel so led! We are going to have some fun! Join me and sign up for our regular e-newsletter to stay on top of what is going on with the newest information on communication as well as personal development!

Please check back from time to time to see what is happening! I will let you know as blogs, books, seminars, and speaking engagements are available.

Hope to connect soon!




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