I’m sorry there is a dog in the freezer! (That’s not what a freezer is for)

Have you ever had one of those “WHAT IN THE WORLD” kind of days? I sure have! In fact, I just had one! I couldn’t believe it! It started with helping a friend of mine move a freezer. That’s not a bad deal… I like this guy and enjoy hanging out with him. He has helped me and it was a joy to help him… plus he makes me laugh!

Dog in the Freezer:

So we went to his neighbor’s house to help move a freezer. The neighbor was polite but not overly nice.  (I’m going to fast forward a little). As I approached the open freezer the neighbor said, “um, well, I have a dog in the freezer.” So… I quickly decided to respond in a way that might be equally as shocking. I said, “M’am, I don’t care what you eat! I won’t judge you!” Apparently, it did the trick. Seeing her face turn white was well worth the comment. She immediately shared that she had not found time to bury her dog and assured me that is why it was in the freezer. She became much nicer after my comment and even joked around with us a bit. But here is what immediately stood out to me… that freezer was not intended to hold an animal for burial.

What were we made for: 

A person can use a freezer to hold an animal for burial but that is not why the freezer was created! It was made for us to keep our food until we are ready to thaw it out and eat it! It is intended to give us life, not to preserve death. That also got me thinking… We were intended to give life and not preserve (or wait around for) death!

We can live sub-par lives and wonder into all types of useless endeavors but we weren’t made for that!!! Even at a cursory reading of the creation account found in Genesis 1 & 2 (and John 1) there are some things that stand out:

We are created for community:

God exists in three persons –  We notice that immediately He is in community, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We were not intended to be alone. In fact, we are told that “it is not good” for us to be alone! We are meant for community… how are you doing with that? We could live (for a short time) without it… but we weren’t made for that!

We are created for creativity:

The first thing we know about God is from Genesis and we learn that He is creative! “In the beginning, God created…” From nothing, something! He’s awesome! Not to ruin the punch line BUT because we were created in His image then a big part of who we are is being creative (click here for how we see ourselves)! We can choose to be boring… but we weren’t made for that!

We are created for good… very good:

We were created on purpose and for purpose (click here to learn about being created on purpose and for purpose) Genesis 1:27 states, “So God created man in His own image; in the image of God He created him; male and female He created them.” Then we read that “…God blessed them…” At the end of the day God looks over His creation and says that it is good, “very good”! That’s how the Creator of the universe sees us, His creation – VERY GOOD! We could do evil… but we weren’t made for that! 

We are created in His image:

The highest of all compliments has already been alluded to… WE HAVE BEEN CREATED IN THE IMAGE OF GOD! Wow! No other creature gets that honor! This is not said of anything, not even the angels! This unique and high honor is reserved for humans! God must have something special in mind for humans that He created them in His image! That’s so cool! We can choose to act like we are not special, we could wonder aimlessly around and pretend that our lives don’t matter… but we weren’t made for that!


Getting back to living in such a way that we reflect the purpose of why we were created makes us reconsider our lives (click here to learn about your next steps). I wonder if angels look at human beings in shock when we live less than we could! I wonder if they gasp when when the unique creation called, humans, wonder around functioning in a way that we were not created for. Don’t be like the freezer that I moved, used to preserve death! LIVE LIFE… we were made for that!


– Kenny White

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