Considerations for Public Speaking (A list of 7 things to consider before speaking to an audience)

1 – Dress appropriately – If our audience is casual, be casual. If our audience is fancy, be fancy!  

2 – Know the material – Take the time to know the material inside and out. This seems like a no-brainer but I have heard enough people speak to know that “knowing the material” is not a given!

3 – Smile (when appropriate) – Some people don’t smile. That’s bad. It looks painful for the presenter and it feels painful for the audience. Others smile all the time… it seems like fear! Smile (when appropriate)!!!  

4 – Check the mic before going on stage. There are a few things more distracting then a mic that does not work… but VERY few!

5 – Prepare to be gracious – This is a mental preparation and it is needed. If we are not prepared ahead of time to be gracious we run the risk of being rude or unkind to people before and / or after our presentations. Also, people love grace (and we all need it)!  

6 – Prepare action items – There should be a good take away at the end of your message. At least one good action item that the hearer can do.

7 – Work with the tech – We should be aware of how our tech works at the facility that we are using. There are always issues of compatibility and the unique quarks of that facility’s tech department. Go early and have a plan b, plan c, plan d, plan e, etc.  

What are some additional things that should be prepared ahead of time when speaking? Please comment below! 

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