New Year’s Resolution (a primer in goal setting)

I love New Years! Every year I get super excited about the new year! I think I see the new year like I see a sheet of paper… blank and ready for me to write on! I can write on that sheet whatever I want… but I want it to be something special! Just like I want the new year to be special! You were made with purpose! (Click here for being created for purpose)) As we consider a new year, lets consider these 3 questions!

1) What goals do you have for the new year?
Are you purchasing a new home? Are you starting a new job? Are you starting a new venture? Do you want to volunteer more? What is happening in this new year? From there develop some goals!

2) How will you meet those goals?
To get to the goal what will you do? I encourage SMART Goals! S – Strategic; M – Measurable; A – Aligned; R – Realistic; T – Time Sensitive! As you look at each goal and how to meet that goal consider making it SMART. I recognize that this this could be a lesson on its own however, just take it and run with it. A little focus will go a long way when considering your SMART Goals!

3) Who will keep you accountable to meet those goals?
There is a great line from “Hamilton: An American Musical”! The line is, “… but we dream in the dark for the most part”. I have thought on that line a lot over the last year. We keep our dreams to ourselves and don’t share with others. Those “dreams in the dark” most often NEVER go anywhere! We need others involved in our goals. When we share our goals they become more attainable! When we ask others to keep us accountable to do what we must we can more easily accomplish this year’s goal! That is “dreaming in the light!” Let the light in on your dreams!!!

Take this year, this blank page and write something beautiful on it! Set goals! Set SMART Goals! Form a plan and stay accountable to someone! Here’s to your New Year!!!

As always, become greater by pointing up and moving forward!